Unleash the power of memes with $FINE!

When you invest in $FINE, everything will be fine!

Low tax, no whitepaper, no bs, just memes.


Total supply: Fair launch: 54% Liquidity: 30,78% Marketing and CEX's: 15,22% Ticker: $FINE Chain: BSC DEX: PancakeSwap Max wallet: 2% Tax: 5/5 Lottery: 2% Development: 2% Marketing: 1%

Mini games

All you degens will soon be able to gamble your $FINE tokens against each other.

In fun mini games such as coin flip, dice and poker.

There will be a 5% rake on each bet, which will be burned. This will make $FINE deflationary.


Just by holding $FINE, you’ll have a chance of winning the Fine Lottery.

40% of all taxes will go to the lottery pot.

Every time the lottery pot hits 10 $BNB, a winner will be chosen by our Telegram bot. The chances of winning will be based on the total amount of $FINE you hold. The bot will automatically send out the $BNB prize to the winner.


Phase 1🔥
  • Deploy website
  • Pinksale fair launch
  • PancakeSwap listing
  • 1m MC
  • List on CoinGecko
  • List on CoinMarketcap
  • Marketing
  • 1000 holders
Phase 2🔥
  • Launch dApp
  • Gamble mini games
  • 10m MC
  • 10k holders
Phase 3🔥
  • Partnerships
  • NFT mint
  • 100m MC
  • 100k holders

CA: 0x3b95702DD0cE375462F131f805f9EE6E1563F8D5